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Saturday, September 24, 2011

A Humble Publication

While most people understand the benefits of breastfeeding infants, the practice is not always supported in all cultures. A Fading Art by Dr. Modia Batterjee is a personal and highly researched exploration of breastfeeding in the Middle East, specifically Saudi Arabia. A lactation consultant, Batterjee saw firsthand how the Arab culture encourages breastfeeding, yet does not support it, making it difficult for Saudi women to feed their children the way they should. Interlaced with chapters on breastfeeding during Ramadan and birthing practices are Batterjee's own fascinating experiences with prenatal education and breastfeeding counseling. Warmly written and informative, A Fading Art explores how and why breastfeeding is so beneficial, from its rich supply of antibodies and nutrients to the way it bonds mothers and infants together. Batterjee also examines communities and how they work, or don't work, to help families. Batterjee and her family opened Al-Bidayah Center, the first breastfeeding resource and women's awareness center in Saudi Arabia, providing counseling for mothers and training for nurses and health care workers. By giving breastfeeding a hip and cool image, Batterjee hopes to encourage future generations to consider the ultimate feeding practice for infants. A fascinating foray into a different culture and an exploration of the best, most natural nutrition for newborns, A Fading Artis both a thought-provoking study of a practice that is not as easily accepted as it should be and a personal story of an extraordinary woman and her efforts.

The book was recently reviewed by the Australian Breastfeeding Association Book Review Working Group (review attached below) and by Green Prophet. and

If you are interested in reading A Fading Art go to:

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